American Heat


Heaven braves through an entry level job, a series of dating tools, and no purpose in life, until she accidently kills a douchebag of a date and things  begin to look up!

Heaven, a young 30, bubbly, Jewess was once filled with hope and optimism. This is before she moved to LA, before her therapist looked at her funny, before she had an incredible knack to only date tools. The cherry on top of her existential crisis is waking up hung over in San Diego attending a wedding and having made another giant mistake of sleeping with Mitch. But all that’s about to change, because Heaven is afforded an  opportunity to move on up: to save American Heat – the iconic procedural she works on. Darren, her boss, the showrunner, fires a woman he was sleeping with and calls on Heaven to pitch the next day. Then Mitch begins
texting, she shouldn’t, she really shouldn’t… but she does. And at 4am she realizes she’s about to blow the opportunity she’s always dreamt of. When she breaks down to Mitch, a (huge, huge) fan of the show offers to role play with her. He ‘breaks-in’ and finds the ‘hot chick’ then comes at her with a knife… But Heaven is in no mood to play. She swats his hand and accidentally kills him. Her eyes bulge in panic, her heart racing. In a daze she disposes of the body, the knife, and any trace of evidence and heads back to LA. She steps inside a waiting writer’s room, blood stained, dirty and fatigued. Slowly she begins to confess her deadly sin, and also confessing the fact that it was a thrill. She’s ready to turn herself in to the cops, when… Darren stops her. That was the best pitch he’s seen in years. He informs the staff that he’s switching it up – the show will follow the arch of a female serial killer/heroine. Heaven’s life is about to change dramatically – from an act straight out of hell, Heaven’s life begins to blossom.